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Tennis is played to deuce, meaning that one player must win two points in a row before the other can take control of the game. Once this happens, tennis switches from playing out or trying to break serve and becomes an attempt to hold serve. In any given match, if you end up at 40 points each (40 all), whoever hits next will be awarded a point and then it's 41 all - so on until someone reaches four games more than their opponent. Whoever wins by two clear games is said to have won "two sets" which are always worth six games for both players - not five as people sometimes think!


The server stands behind the baseline with either one foot touching or crossing the line . The racket must be above the head and then delivered below waist height.


After a serve has been hit, it is up to the receiver to decide whether or not he wants to receive that particular ball.

If they do so, their goal is always simply to make sure that either one of them doesn't get two points in a row - even if they have never returned a single serve before!

Generally this means returning using an offensively-minded return which will push back and distract the server as much as possible.

Facts to consider

Tennis balls are made out of celluloid (a type of plastic) and can come in different sizes depending on where you're playing tennis; for example if you play doubles Wimbledon size balls are larger than the balls used on the other courts.

Tennis is a sport which requires you to be quick and agile across large distances as well as being able to react quickly, so it's important that tennis players always pay attention when they're playing in order not to get caught out by one of their opponent’s shots!

Playing doubles means there are four people on each side; two at the net (one left-hander and one right) with two back up behind them near the base line ready for either an offensive or defensive shot depending on who has the ball.

The returner may play only from his half of court during singles, but can do so from anywhere if he is returning a serve in doubles - this is called a let, and is used so that the server does not have an unfair advantage when returning a serve.

If you're serving in tennis it's important to keep your eye on the ball at all times as there are very few moments of rest during a game - if you don't watch where you're going then you could easily end up running into your opponent!

To win a set, one player must win two out of three six-point games within the set; for example, if they score four points first before their opponents get any back, then they will be awarded with that point.

Tennis has many rules which can make it quite confusing for new players to learn but hopefully this blog post has helped clear some of those things up.